Intercan Jump


The LITE Jump by GALICAN with the Height measurements in inches

Standard color jumps are in stock and the order preparation can take around 1 to 2 weeks. In the personalized orders you can choose the inserts colour and the aluminum frame colour from a wide variety, and the production time is to be determined when ordering.

This obstacle fulfills all the rules and regulations stated by FCI, ask us for other regulations available (AAC, AKC, ANKC, CKC, UKA, UKKC, UKI, WAO …)

The Intercan jump is awesome in all of its details!!

Aluminum frame termolacquered

Aluminum inserts lacquered in a wide variety of colours and completely rounded.

The PVC jump bar is always white with a central colored vynil. 40mm diameter and 130cm long.

Heights adjustable from 10cm up to 65cm every 5cm.

Plastic bar holders with exclusive design registered by Galican.

Completely rounded bar holders which prevents dogs from getting hurt.

Sturdy and light weight.

Extremely safe for the dog.

All edges are rounded.

The foot can be disassembled for carrying or setting aside.

The foot has a slight angle to improve stability on uneven surfaces.