Agility breakaway tyre with small frame for maximum safety. Stainless steel frame and padded tyre covered in canvas.

  • Maximum safety agility breakaway tyre
  • Stainless steel and galvanized steel frame without any sharp edges
  • Padded tyre covered with weather resistant canvas
  • Both uprights also have padded protections
  • Adjusting the height is very easy due to a sliding system
  • Reference heights are laser marked. On one side you find the heights from the ground to the middle of the tyre and on the other side, the heights from the ground to the lower inside part of the tyre.
  • Heights can be adjusted from 15cm to 55cm from the lower part of the inside of the tyre
  • Heights can be adjusted from 40cm to 80cm from the ground to the center of the tyre
  • In case of impact, the tyre opens up like a saloon door, without any visible metallic parts
  • The flat foot protects you and your dog in case you tread the obstacle
  • Wide range of colors available.
  • Total weight: 20 kg