Soft Dog Walk 2.0 – AKC CONTACTS


Lite A-frame from GALICAN with Wheels


New SOFT dog walk to train in the best conditions.

More safety with the same stability as always.
New designs, safer systems, new rubber surface with more grip (even when wet).
New Soft Covers Pro
New hinges totally integrated.
The Soft dogwalk 2.0 in standard colors is in stock and the order preparation can take from 1 to 2 weeks approximately. In the personalized orders you can choose the rubber color and the aluminum frame colour from a wide variety, and the production time is to be determined when ordering.

The greatest possible impact absorption, minimizing risk of injuries, thanks to the structure and the innovative padded composition of the materials used underneath the rubber surface.
Soft covers at the top of the feet to prevent injuries.
High performance rubber guarantees an exceptional grip.
Powder lacquered aluminium frame and the stainless steel hinges guarantee an easy to set up even with the passing of time.
All materials are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and on all types of terrains.
The feet have a rounded bases that improves stability on all types of surfaces and does not damage artificial grass.
It is adjustable to 4 heights (122, 100, 80, 60 cm).
Electronic Contacts are available for this product. One plank or two – Please email for pricing.