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Classes offered at Bratty Paws Dog Plex

AKC STAR PUPPY: All puppies (UP TO 1 YEAR OLD) starting their training (unless agility is the focus) should enter into AKC Star Puppy Class.
BASIC TRAINING: Once your dog completes AKC Star Puppy or if you have an adult dog with no training, this class is the next class for Basic Training. This class focuses on life skills you want your dog to have. Come, Sit, Down, Stay, Crate Training, Walking on a loose leash etc.
CANINE GOOD CITIZEN: A class that puts all the skills together from the prior two levels and tests to see if the dog will be able to be a good citizen inside and outside of the home. A test is offered at the end of the class for dogs that are ready. If they pass, a title will be sent from AKC.

This is the first class in the Bratty Paws Agility Program for dogs over 12 weeks. This class sets the stage for a great performance career. No prior training experience is necessary, but it does help to have some basic training.

FOUNDATION II AGILITY: Prerequisite Foundation 1. This class builds on the skills that were introduced into foundation.
FOUNDATION II AGILITY: Concentration Classes – These classes all have a specific focus and should be taken until the dog is proficient on all skills. We recommend starting with Jumps and Tunnels, but it is not necessary.
FOUNDATION II (Jumps and Tunnels)


FOUNDATION II (Weave poles)
INTERNATIONAL/PREMIER SKILLS: This class will focus on the skills that are commonly seen on international/premier courses. These include collection and extension backsides, threadles, difficult weave pole entries, complete independence on obstacles, strong verbal skills, big open lines that promote speed and straight line blind crosses.
NOVICE SKILLS: Prerequisites are Foundation 1 & 2 and the concentration classes. Novice Skills offers short sequences of 4 – 6 obstacles that focus on one handling choice for the dog and handler with a contact at low height, 6 weave poles, tunnel or specialty jump. Contacts and weaves do not need to be proficient in order to take this class.
NOVICE HANDLING: This class builds from Novice skills with more handling options and more independence and distance on the equipment. Sequences are longer from 6 to 12 obstacles and one piece of contact equipment or weave poles is the focus of each week.
NOVICE COURSE WORK : This class puts it all together. The dog and handler will be working on a novice level course up to 15 obstacles. This class is to prepare the dog and handler for Novice Competition. Dog should be proficient on all obstacles
NOVICE/OPEN SKILLS: This class bridges the gap between the two levels. 12 weave poles will be in use, more difficult sequences and handling will be the focus. 6 – 12 obstacle sequences promoting speed and independence on all obstacles.
NOVICE/OPEN COURSE WORK: This class will focus on running Novice/Open level courses up to 18 obstacles with 12 poles. This class helps prepare the dog and handler for Open level competition.
EXCELLENT/MASTER SKILLS: Dogs should be competing in the Open level or getting ready to compete. Sequences will be longer, anywhere from 8 to 12 obstacles with multiple handling choices. Emphasis is on independent obstacle skills, speed and increased distance.
EXCELLENT/MASTER COURSE WORK: This class is preparing the dog and handler to run full courses in the Excellent/Masters level up to 20 obstacles.
INTERNATIONAL/PREMIER COURSE WORK: This class will focus on running full international courses up to 22 obstacles. This is the highest level class in the Bratty Paws Curriculum. This course helps prepare dogs and handlers for National and International level competition.




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Expert Instructors

Our agility program has been designed by Kris Seiter and Chris Tucci, multi-world medalists and lead agility instructors with a combined 30 years experience in the sport of agility.

World-Class Facility

Train like the pros in our 20,000 SQF, indoor air-conditioned training facility. We have a 12,600 SQF turf arena (EPDM, no recycled tires) along with a 50 ft pool and plenty of outdoor space to get some fresh air.

Happy Dogs

We are not looking for compliance in our classes, but instead are looking for dogs to happily perform each task with great understanding and willingness. We do not allow correction based training.

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